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Calling the Power within

My beautiful angel sister and amazing human being and light worker Amy Oberle and I teach an amazingly empowering class called Calling the Power Within. We yell, laugh, cry and breakthrough and become our best sleves! Our next class will be in January! It is at the Hope Interfaith Center in Mankato, MN. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram  @jinelleanlea for more information on this class!


Angel Classes

There are no Angel Classes scheduled at this time, but private one on one classes/sessions are offered.

Jinelle’s Angel classes are taught at the Hope Interfaith Center in Mankato, and throughout Minnesota.  She travels around MN, and the United States teaching her classes, and sharing her story.

Here are some of the class topics:

  • Connecting with God and your angels
  • grief and healing
  • healing sickness
  • Guided Meditations
  • Jesus
  • Love!
  • Living a life of Greatness!
  • Dreams
  • Archangels
  • Paying attention to “signs”
  • Chakras
  • Self-care, self-confidence and self-love


Meditation Classes:

Learn how to connect with God, Heaven, and your angels through meditation!  Bring more Love, happiness, purpose and abundance into your life!
Jinelle teaches her own unique guided meditations to connect you to God, your angels, Heaven, Jesus, and even loved ones who have passed on.
Meditation is the door that opens us up to receive inner guidance, healing, extreme well being, self love, purpose and love for others.  We all have the capacity to connect with and to receive guidance,  messages and love from heaven.
Other Information
Meditation classes; group and one-on-one:
One-on-one meditation classes and group classes are available upon request by appointment at the Hope Interfaith Center and outside the Hope Interfaith Center. See below for more details.
Group meditation workshops are available for everyone to attend and the dates will be posted on here and my facebook page



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