The Meaning of Zoey

Hello Angels!

If you didn’t know by now we adopted the sweetest dog in the world in October 2016 from Safe Hands rescue in Minneapolis. She is from Kentucky and is a beautiful mix of breeds with the most beautiful colors of white with brindle spots weighing in at 40lbs.

Yesterday I was meditating and our sweet Zoey was sleeping next to me. ¬†At the end of the meditation I decided to call in Zoey’s angels and talk to them. Immediately two dogs came to me a boy and a girl, her brother and sister. They told me that they had been murdered and that is why she has some issues with holding her. Then they said to look up the meaning of the name Zoey. I immediately did after I was done meditating.

The meaning of the name Zoey is: Life.

They also said her name was always meant to be Zoey in this life. We had changed her name from when we adopted her as a baby.

I love her so much more than I ever have! Love your animals, you never know what they have been through!

XO Jinelle


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