Inspiration with Jinelle Anlea: Finding happiness this Thanksgiving (after the loss of a loved one).


Thanksgiving is a holiday to be grateful, filled with love, warmth, and lots of delicious food!  Yes it is fun to gather around with family and friends, but for those who have lost a loved one, it can be a difficult time.   As many of you know our beautiful mom went to heaven on September 1st, so this will be our first holiday without her.  We miss her, but absolutely know that she is here with us, and for those that have lost a loved one, please know that they will be with you this Thanksgiving.   It is in the small moments where we find love and happiness, a smile or happy memory.  We must choose to be happy, to go on, and know that our loved ones are so happy in heaven! But also, know that it is ok to feel sadness, and it is ok to miss them.  I will always miss my beautiful mom.  Enjoy this special holiday.  Please listen to my free podcast above, I hope it brings you peace this Thanksgiving. I talk about my life, my mom, and having Thanksgiving without her, and give you some tips that will help you get through.  May God bless you and your loved ones.  Happy Thanksgiving.



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