How to talk to your Loved one in Heaven…and hear them

Hello angel friends!

I know a lot of you have a loved one in heaven, and as you know my beautiful mom is in Heaven.

The pain of losing someone close to you is hard to deal with, and the hole in your heart seems to grow more than close and heal.  My mom has been in Heaven for almost 9 months now.  We had a bond here on earth that was unbreakable.  She was my best friend and I miss her so much.  She was very sick, and she went slowly so on a positive note we were able to talk about heaven and Jesus and God and angels.  We also made a pact.  I would talk to her every day and she would tell me all about Heaven, and how she got there and what it looked like.  I talk to her every day, and I know she is with me when I talk to her, and I know she can hear me.  In fact, I know she is here with me as I write this.

As I talk with her every day I know she hears me, and sometimes I hear her back.  Its a voice inside of me that I know is her talking, or sometimes I will receive a sign from her, or she will be in my dream. I ask to see her in my dreams almost every day and once in a while I get lucky and see her in them.  Loved ones really do come visit us in our dreams and give us messages, and love.

So how do you talk with and hear your loved one in Heaven? Its simple.

  • Talk to them as if they are right next to you.
  • Ask them to be in your dreams. And if they don’t come at first, ask them until you see them, every day if you have to.
  • God and your angels can give them messages.  If you are scared to talk to them, ask God and/or your angels to deliver a message to them, and they will get it!
  • Have faith that this is real.  Heaven is real, and talking with your loved one is real.
  • Be open to hearing them.  The more you practice, the better you become.
  • Watch for signs from them.  They might leave you pennies or feathers, but something will pop up and you will know it is from them.
  • Keep bugging them until you receive a sign.

I hope these help.  I know any little sign I receive is the greatest thing in the world.  May God bless you and heal you. Keeping you all in my prayers and sending you love. God bless you friends.



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