How to have a good day!

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Hello sweet angels!

Life can be hard sometimes., but through the bad times we can find the good.  When our day does turn south it can seem impossible to overcome, but there are ways, and here are a few easy steps:

1.  Smile!  This is the easiest way to make your day better.  When I was a kid and my other siblings and I would get into a fight our mom would make us smile at each other, say I love you, then hug each other.  I’m not saying that you have to do that with your co-workers, but maybe the smiling part would help.  A simple smile at a stranger or co-worker as you pass them on the street or in the office could turn their day around, and when they smile back it automatically makes you feel happier, lighter, and in a better mood.  If you don’t have anyone to smile to, then go in front of the mirror and smile at yourself, and say “I love you.”  The more people you smile at, the more smiles are going to come back to you.  So next time your having a bad day or are feeling depressed, just smile.  🙂

2. Meditate.  When I am having a bad day and am not in a good mood, and can’t seem to do anything to become happy, I meditate.  Meditation is my time to connect with God, and my angels.  It is when I have quiet alone time in meditation and know that God and my angels are right there with my side, and I can just unload my feelings, emotions, why I am feeling so horrible or anything negative that has happened in my day, I feel a world of a difference better.  Connecting with their energy and having my whole body become engulfed in the numbness of God’s pure love and light is healing in a way that no other form of substance on this earth can beat! I feel as if i’m floating sometimes, everything in this world makes sense, and my purpose is clear, and I AM HAPPY!!  When I am done meditating it makes my day feel like it went from black and white to full vibrant colors, and I am just soaked in God’s love and light and I carry it and spread it everywhere I go.  When I am having a bad day my boyfriend will often ask me if I have meditated today, because he knows that a happy girlfriend is one who has meditated!

3. Pray.  I could not say it enough that all prayers are heard and answered in one form or another.  If I am having a bad day pray to God and ask him to take away all of these negative thoughts and feelings and replace them with happy, positive thoughts and emotions.  You are loved so much and have unlimited resources of happiness and love.  Next time you need a lift of your spirit, just pray to God and ask your angels for help.


There are many more ways to become happy, this is just a few ways.  If you pray, meditate, and smile you will find many more ways that work for you, to help you become a happier person, not just on a bad day but for a lifetime.  Always remember to think happy, loving thoughts, and know how much you are loved! I love you all, God bless!

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