Do you believe in past lives?

Hi Friends!

I know a lot of you wonder if you have lived a life before this one? Let me start with a story of about 4 years ago when I woke up in Egypt…

My sister Amy and I traveled to Cairo.  It was a place that had always fascinated us, i’m sure it does many of you also.  It was the morning we were going to see the pyramids and we were so excited.  As I was waking up that morning I was very relaxed and sleepy, laying down still and I heard a voice say in my ear “the last time you were here was one-thousand years ago.” I immediately told my sister.  I had always believed in reincarnation, but hearing this voice so clearly tell me that I had been here before made it clear to me that what I had believed was real.

I believe we grow, learn and evolve in our lifetimes.  I believe that if we don’t get it “right” that God gives us another chance.  Our next life or our past life may be or have been a different circumstance, different family, different race, different religion, and different lifestyle, etc.  I have been told before that I volunteered to come into this life.  As life goes on and I grow and evolve I do believe that.   I have always felt like an “old soul.”

Whether you believe that reincarnation is real or not or feel  you have lived many lives, I would love to hear if you have had an experience or what your thoughts are in the comments below.

Love and blessings,


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