Affirmation and visualization

Hello sweet angels!

Today I want to talk to you about two very important practices that I know a lot of us already do, and are so good for you! Affirmation and visualization.  My life would not be the same with out them!

Affirmation.  I would not be who I am today if it were not for affirmation.  I affirmed myself into the person I am today.  I told myself I was a successful angel teacher, a successful published author on the NY Times bestsellers list (which WILL happen!), I told myself that I have love inside of me that can heal the world, and that I can help make the world a better place.  I told myself that I am love, I am happy, I am beautiful and healthy.  I told myself that I am blessed beyond what I could ever imagine, and that when people saw what I was doing with my life they would know that it is with the grace of God that anything is possible and that He has made all things possible.  I affirmed until I had the life of my dreams and I am so grateful and blessed to have.

Visualization.  I know you have heard these before but they are so important and that is why we keep on repeating them.  They are what is truth and spoken to us from the creator to tell you.  So please visualize your dreams and see them true as if they are happening to you now, and living the life you want to live now.  Visualize yourself happy, with the best of friends, co-workers, and family.  See yourself, your family, and your friends healthy and whole.  See the organ healed, see yourself surrounded in God’s white light and loved.  See yourself as beautiful and at your perfect body size.  Visualize yourself with your amazing partner living the perfect life that you have always dreamed of, doing what you love for a living.  See your self going on incredible vacations and traveling to wonderful places around the world.  Visualize what you want to become and you will become it.

Continue affirming and visualizing until you have reached the destination you wish in your life, and even after that continue to see yourself living the life of your new dreams.   Do not give up and allow God to continue to work through you and achieve amazing and marvelous accomplishments.  Watch your life unfold as God, the universe, spirit, your higher self creatively creates the life of your dreams!  Always always remember anything is possible!  I love you, and God bless!



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