8 Habbits of a Healthy Spiritual Life


  1. Believe that God is listening to your life, watching over you, and know that he is responding with love.  
  2. Talk to God.  Tell him all of your troubles, all of your worries, all of your concerns.  Pour out your heart, and know that he knows all.  Give him permission to help you and know that he has already started helping as soon as you started talking..  
  3. Be grateful.  Thank God for all he has done in your life.  Even when you are going through a troubled time, always be grateful, and it will help you see the light even more and see all of Gods goodness.  
  4. Follow the signs.  God gives us signs along our path that let us know when we are going in the right direction, such as hearing a song when we turn on the radio, or something on the TV, or a dream while you were sleeping.  God is creative and the way he works through this world is incredible! Open up and invite God into your life, you will be led into the direction of your dreams, and your life will fill with blessings!
  5. Trust.  When you receive signs know that they are divine intervention from God and your angels.  They are working hard to answer your prayers and keep you on your divine path.  So when you see a sign, follow it, and trust.
  6. Allow God to work through you.  Allow his love and light to flow through you.  Every day this is what I pray for.  We are God’s children, we are capable of so much, and so many miracles if we just surrender and allow God to work through us.  
  7. Raise your vibration.  This can be done by calling in your angels by your side, close your eyes and taking deep breaths, visualizing your energy matching your angels, take deep breaths until you feel lighter, happier and your vibration matches your angels!
  8. Always be kind to yourself and others.  Think positive thoughts no matter what your life circumstance is.  Thinking happier will help you achieve happiness.  When you are kind to yourself, and believe in yourself and look in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you”  it shows from the inside out!


Let your light shine bright, and always be you! When you shine, you help others shine! Don’t be afraid to follow God’s guidance, he will always direct you in a loving direction, the right direction.  




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