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Jinelle is an ordained Interfaith Minister

One on one sessions

Jinelle currently does one on one sessions at the Hope Interfaith Center in Makato, MN

Angel readings:

Jinelle has had many experiences with the angels and works with them daily. During an angel reading you will sit one on one with Jinelle and the angels (your guardian angel and guides) will come through and deliver messages pertaining to what is going on in your life! This is Jinelle’s favorite work because she loves to sit one on one and connect to the angelic realm and pass on the messages they have, and help you heal and grow spiritually. What happens in a session is just more than sitting one on one because what happens is the angels, guides, holy ones, loved ones, Jesus, and more fill the room and there is a healing that occurs. People leave saying how good and at peace they feel when they leave. 

Angel Readings are $65 

To book a session with Jinelle please email her at:

Angel Reading 1 Hour

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching sessions is guided by Spirit but is designed to push you to do your best through teachings, excercises and even sometimes getting still in meditation. Jinelle will be your Spiritual Cheerleader to help you through tough situations/transitions/healings such as career/business moves, divorce, break-ups, living and going for your dreams, goals and desires. She will push you to do your best always. Life is to short not to live our best life every day!

Spiritual Coaching Sessions are $65 for 1 hour or 30 min for $30

To book a session with Jinelle please email her at:

Spiritual Coaching 1 hour

Meditation Session
In a one on one meditation session with Jinelle she will teach you how to meditate and guide you through the process to make it easy and relaxing. In each session she will do a guided meditation and will be right there to help you through the process. Stillness such as being in meditation is needed in our lives because it is when we are still we recieve healing, stress relief, our greatest inspiration and ideas, problem solving and solutions. There are no limits to our minds and meditation helps bring that out. The more frequently we meditate the higher our vibration gets and the stronger connection to God, the Universe, Creator, the Divine or whatever you wish to call it we are all one.  We are Spiritual beings living in a human body and we need the connection to the energy that is all around us and within us. 
Meditation sessions are $65 and are 45 min long.
To book a session with Jinelle email her at:
For more information:
  • Weddings


      • Jinelle conducts wedding ceremonies. Same sex, lbgtq, all genders and transgenders, male-female. Love is Love and its a beautiful thing!
      • vow renewals
    • will travel throughtout united states and beyond!
  • Baptisms
  • Blessings
    • blessings of marriages, babies, families, individuals, animals, homes, homes for sale, etc.
  • End of life
    • funerals, end of life ceremonies
    • blessings for loved ones before they transition to heaven
    • visitations for prayer and support during Hospice or end of life
    • support for those dying and families of those going through a loss
Please email Jinelle with any questions or to book a session at:
Rates for one-on-one sessions at the Hope Interfaith Center:
$65 per 60 min Angel reading session
$65 per 60 min Spiritual Coaching session
$65 per 45 min Meditation session
$30 per 30 min Spiritual Coaching session
Group Rates
(up to 10 people)
$300 per hour
$150 per extra half hour
For bookings with Jinelle please email

I look forward to working with you!

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