Angel Reading 1 Hour


Do you have burning questions to ask your angels and guides? Would like to connect with a loved one? Or are you curious if your guides and angels have any messages for you? In my one on one sessions we talk to Spirit as I call in your angels, guides and loved ones. You never know who could pop in! I have seen animals, Fairy God Mothers, Merlin, Mother Mary, Jesus and many others!

I have connected with Spirit, my angels and the other side ever since I was a little girl, and now I have learned to develop my gifts to help others! After I was hit by a train and had a near death experience, I knew that I was meant to help others!

I would love to help you and connect to Spirit and see what messages come through! It is always healing and there is beautiful energy that is felt by myself and my client. I look forward to working with you!


 “Jinelle thank you SO much for the amazing angel reading today. It was truly a life changing experience. It means so much to me and my sister both and we can’t wait to share it with our family. You are so amazing!” -Tiffany

“You’re so amazing, Thank you SO much! We finally feel like we have some closure since our Grandma passed away. We’ve been reflecting on our session all day and definitely will for the rest of our lives and we’re just so grateful to have been able to experience that.” -Tianna




Jinelle does the Angel readings over zoom virtually. She will call upon your Angels, guides, loved ones,  Archangels and more and they will bring you messages of healing. Spirit guides the session with their messages and energy to help you for your highest good.

Jinelle has been doing angel readings for 8 years and has had profound experiences with Spirit ever since she was a young child. Now she helps others heal by using her gifts to deliver messages from the other side.


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