“An incredibly empowering event, Jinelle and Amy are set out to change this world! Highly recommend any event they put on!” -Kallie K.

“Hi Jinelle, I signed up for your free webinar and mediations recently. It was an answer to an asking. I am wanting to be more connected with my inner being and have more direct communication with my angels and guides and be more in touch with my intuition and expand, better understand, accept and utilize my spiritual gifts. And I want to use those gifts to heal myself, have more inner peace, have confidence in being my own center of support and share MY gifts with the world to inspire and empower others. I have been getting signs and responses to that asking from many places and you are one of them. I know that you put that webinar out for everyone, but honestly it felt like you were talking right to me. What a lovely and powerful mentor you are!!” -Michelle V.