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If Tomorrow was your last day…

In the story of Aladdin, he was granted 3 wishes.  If you could be granted 3 wishes in your life, what would they be?

These wishes are what we really want in life, and we don’t need a magic lamp or a genie to grant these wishes.  God is our genie, and he can grant our 3 wishes, and help give us what we really want in life.

God will be there for us, helping us go in the direction of our dreams, but we too must do the work that brings us in the direction of what we most want in life.

Here are 3 words of advice to help:

  1. Look in the direction of where you want to be.
  2. Speak in the direction of where you want to be.
  3. Never look back to where you came from.

Life is short so make the most of it. If tomorrow was your last day on this earth, what would you regret most?  Do what you love, and love everything you do.

May God bless the road in front of you and give you the courage, strength, tools and connections in this world to get you to where you dream to be.  Remember you already have everything inside of you to accomplish your greatest dreams. For more inspiration visit my Facebook page:  Be brave and God bless.




How to feel awesome for the Forth of July

A lot of articles in the magazines are telling you how to look great for the forth and how to get that perfect “bikini body”. 
I am here to tell you how beautiful and perfect you are and to help you feel amazing, just in time for the forth of July! 
Feeling great is all about a state of mind, preparing yourself mentally, and putting nothing but good things into your mind. 
Here are some of my favorite tips just in time for the holiday weekend:
1. Focus only on what is good in your life. No matter what your circumstances are in life you don’t have to look at the negative. Choose to see the good in all situations. 
2.  Meditate every day for at least 5 minutes. Take a zen break and just sit in a quiet, comfortable room and relax. Take deep breaths, ask God and your angels to be with you. Know that you are surrounded by love, and relax.  
If you could use a boost of self-esteem and confidence, and to feel more loved I highly suggest you purchase my Love Meditation, You are Loved.  It is selling fast, and is on sale for a limited time! Click the link here to learn more:
3.  Pray to have all negative blocks, people, places, things, situations be removed so that your weekend is full of positive people, fun times and  safe situations. 
Wishing you all a fun and safe holiday weekend! God bless. 

How to have your prayers answered

I have heard people say “my prayers don’t work, will you pray for me?”  I will never turn down a prayer request. In fact,  I LOVE to pray for people, but know that your prayers are heard in heaven just as much as the popes and priests are!

I know there are many many people in this world who love to pray, and who pray all day long.  There are also some people who never pray because 1) It takes to much time. 2) They don’t know how. 3)They think their prayers aren’t heard, and don’t work.  

I am here to tell you that God hears all prayers, and in fact the very second you start praying, he is already sending you angels to find a solution for your prayer, or send love or healing.  Whatever you ask for, God and the angels start working immediately.  

When I pray, I KNOW God is answering my prayers, no matter how big or how small my prayer request is.  The secret to having your prayers answered is KNOWING that God will answer them.  I expect my prayers to be answered, and he knows that.  

I know God and my angels are right by my side, helping me always.  We are a team, and they are your team too.  Next time you go to pray, or ask God a question, know that he is right by your side listening to you, and answering your prayers.  No prayer goes unanswered.  

To watch a video on prayer, and to hear a great story about how one of my prayers was answered IMMEDIATELY click this link: 

I hope this helps you understand that God hears every prayer.  Please know how deeply loved you are by God and your angels.    

God bless.




3 Steps that will make your life easier

I had a dream last night that I was taking a college class that was called Human Behaviors. In that class we would pray for everyone that needed prayer.  The room was packed full of people on two levels! Its was a great dream.  Life can be hard sometimes but there are ways to make it easier, like in my dream we would pray.  You can choose to live a better life and here are 3 easy steps to help.

Meditation makes life flow better, and easier. When I meditate I ask God to put up a bubble of white light and protection.  During the day after I have meditated I feel like God is closer, I can feel the presence of my angels, and can better receive their guidance to help make better decisions. I become conscious of my emotions, which makes them easier to control. You will have a light shining from within you and a sparkle in you eye that people will look at you with amazement and wonder.  Take time today to meditate and see how it changes your life.  It only takes 5-15 minutes if that is all you have.  If you are a beginner and need help getting started, you can watch my you tube video here

Next we must always remember that life is unfolding the way it was meant to be.  Everything in life is happening exactly as it is supposed to, and if you don’t like the way it is, then do the next step.

Last but not least PRAY! Prayer works, just like in my dream.  In my dream I knew I could help so many people by praying for them.  I have many stories where prayer works, you can find some on my YouTube channel: Jinelle Anlea.  My beautiful mom always gives the best advice.  She once told me “All of your problems can go away if you would just pray about them.”  She taught me to always pray about every situation, and to know that God will take care of it.  If you ask for help you will receive it.  No matter how big or small the problem always remember to pray.

I hope these will help you.  Remember to always give your worries to God, and know that he will always take care of you! God bless.




What is Heaven?

The other day my sister was telling me a story when she told me her husband asked her over coffee “What is Heaven?”  The second she told me that I knew that he wasn’t the only one curious of knowing the answer to that question.  Aren’t we all curious of that answer, because someday we will all leave our bodies and go to heaven, therefore who isn’t curious of what happens when we die?  

After being hit by a train, and being in Heaven for several minutes I can help answer that.  

To me Heaven of course is where we go when we no longer need our earthly bodies, when they no longer function, or when our time is up because we have served and completed our God given purpose of why we came into this life.  God calls us, because when it is our time, we must go back home.

When we go to Heaven we feel no pain, no anger, have no resentment or regrets.  There is no sickness, we are completely healed, healthy, and whole. 

The feeling is complete peace, complete love, complete euphoria.  There is absolutely nothing but love.  

We wait for Heaven in our hearts, it is a place we all dream of, wonder, get excited, and have so many questions about.  Someday we will all find out the beauty of our true home.  When we get there this life will be like a blink of an eye.   

There are many different stories of Heaven published, all of which are inspiring and give us hope of what is to come.  If you have not read my story you can click the link here to watch my story on CMT’s Angels Among Us:  

God Bless you my friend, and may one day we will meet in Heaven.



8 Habbits of a Healthy Spiritual Life


  1. Believe that God is listening to your life, watching over you, and know that he is responding with love.  
  2. Talk to God.  Tell him all of your troubles, all of your worries, all of your concerns.  Pour out your heart, and know that he knows all.  Give him permission to help you and know that he has already started helping as soon as you started talking..  
  3. Be grateful.  Thank God for all he has done in your life.  Even when you are going through a troubled time, always be grateful, and it will help you see the light even more and see all of Gods goodness.  
  4. Follow the signs.  God gives us signs along our path that let us know when we are going in the right direction, such as hearing a song when we turn on the radio, or something on the TV, or a dream while you were sleeping.  God is creative and the way he works through this world is incredible! Open up and invite God into your life, you will be led into the direction of your dreams, and your life will fill with blessings!
  5. Trust.  When you receive signs know that they are divine intervention from God and your angels.  They are working hard to answer your prayers and keep you on your divine path.  So when you see a sign, follow it, and trust.
  6. Allow God to work through you.  Allow his love and light to flow through you.  Every day this is what I pray for.  We are God’s children, we are capable of so much, and so many miracles if we just surrender and allow God to work through us.  
  7. Raise your vibration.  This can be done by calling in your angels by your side, close your eyes and taking deep breaths, visualizing your energy matching your angels, take deep breaths until you feel lighter, happier and your vibration matches your angels!
  8. Always be kind to yourself and others.  Think positive thoughts no matter what your life circumstance is.  Thinking happier will help you achieve happiness.  When you are kind to yourself, and believe in yourself and look in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you”  it shows from the inside out!


Let your light shine bright, and always be you! When you shine, you help others shine! Don’t be afraid to follow God’s guidance, he will always direct you in a loving direction, the right direction.  




Taking care of your soul

As I sat down to meditate, the thought entered into my mind (which I know was guidance from my angels because that is one of the ways we communicate) “you have to take care of your soul” and I knew exactly what they meant.

Just as you have to take care of your body, it is just as important, or even more important to take care of your soul.  Your soul is your essence, it comes from God, it is part of God, it is God.  We are all one! Our soul lives on forever, and is here to learn lessons, grow and evolve, and then one day return to where we came from.

Sometimes we get so out of tune with our inner self, our true self, our God self, or our soul, it is very hard to see the light again. Life takes over, our jobs, our kids (if you have them! I love them, but don’t have any yet.) other worldly responsibilities, technology gets in the way.   There are many factors of why and how we get out of tune with our true self, but the most important thing is that it is never too late, or very hard to begin to see the light again, and take care of our soul.  You can start right now.


Here are some simple ways to take care of your soul:


  1. You can start right now in this very moment by recognizing that you have a soul, and that soul comes from God, and you are a beautiful, holy, spiritual being.  In this very moment while knowing how holy and loving you are, you can see your body filled with beautiful, bright glowing white light.  This light, I like to imagine is my soul, inside of my body.
  2. Meditate.  Whether you have never meditated or have meditated every day twice a day since you can remember.  I believe  mediation is the best way to refresh your soul, so that you feel connected to God, remember who you truly are, where you come from, and where you will return to(Heaven!!).  Click on the link to learn how to meditate.
  3. Sleep.  When I get 8+ hours of sleep I am a much better person, and am more conscious of my decisions, thoughts and emotions.   And while we are sleeping we can receive dreams with important messages, sometimes even prophetic visions that can greatly help our soul.
  4. Disconnecting from technology.  Leave your phone, computer, TV, iPad off.  Turn on some relaxing music, or go for a walk in nature (I know its cold, so bundle up! Unless it’s -20 below, then wait until it is safe to go outside!).  It will help us tap into our inner self, turn our attention to the beauty in this world, help us feel more grateful about our life, and our surroundings, and we will have more love in our hearts which will  help our soul feel amazing and happy!
  5. Prayer.  Pray for help if you feel lost in life or if you have a situation that is so hard it has taken everything you have out of you.  Pray that God gives you strength to see the light and the goodness in life again.  Pray that you feel love in your heart again.  Pray for forgiveness for yourself, or others.  Pray to feel connected again.  Pray for miracles, because they do happen, everyday!  Pray to be shown the way, and watch for signs saying you are going in the right direction, and then wait for doors to open.  Have faith, give your worries to God.  Never think it is selfish to pray for yourself, because if you are not happy, how can you help others?  God is here to help!  Prayer is the bridge to heaven, and heaven helps care for our souls.


I hope these simple tips will help you take care of your soul.  I love you, God bless!






Retreat of Magnificence

photo (15)

This year has been full of many good memories, but also some emotional ones too.  This last weekend I was lucky enough to attend and teach a class at the Hope Interfaith Center year end retreat that was held at the Holy Spirit Retreat in Janesville MN.  It was life changing.  I attended the retreat a few years ago, and it was life changing then too.

As I pulled into the driveway of the retreat center I was excited, and nervous, and could not wait to see everyone.  I was hopeful that this would be just as life changing as the one before, and I was right.

We got settled into our rooms, met in the great room.  Rev. Janice Gorman, or “Hope” her name given to her by her angels, and what I call her greeted us with a warm welcome, and made us immediately feel at home, our spiritual home for the weekend.

Hope is my greatest teacher.  I have attended the Hope Interfaith Center ever since I was a young girl.  She has helped me and many, many others through good times and hard.  She is why I am the person who I am today.  She is my angel.

Throughout the weekend there were many tears, tears of healing.  My heart felt open the entire time, and we all bonded on a heavenly spiritual level.  We all had breakthroughs, and let go of and ushered out what no longer served us, and spoke of what we wanted to be shepherded into the new year.

I felt my emotional pain from this past year disappear, and learned that it is ok to feel your emotions as they come up.  My heart was open, and full of love, a constant open love the entire time.  But the truly most important lesson I learned was how to truly become your true magnificent self.

Your True magnificent self is all around you and within you.  The great I AM, source, God energy is in a beautiful bubble of light (and everywhere) that surrounds you always. It never stops.  Your magnificence is love, and it is within you. It is love, it is love, it is love.  And being your true magnificent self starts with self love.  Loving yourself is the most important key to life.  If we do not love ourselves, than we cannot love anything else in our lives.  We all have the power to become our true magnificent self.  When we are love, others see that love and become that love.

Becoming your true magnificent self takes bravery.  But when we fully step into our true magnificent self it is life changing.  Nothing can stop you from becoming all you are meant to be, and wish to be.  We are on a divine journey that goes on forever and ever, so make good use of it.  Do acts of kindness that takes people’s breath away.  Treat them with and send them love always.

As I pulled out of the retreat center and drove away, I thought about all I had learned, and how I have healed, and how others have healed and how their lives had been changed. I felt blessed and renewed,I felt happy for everyone there.  I continue to pray for everyone there, and will remember it in my heart forever.  There was a fire lit within me that I know I have to spread to others.  I knew my life was changed forever, and this next year is going to be the best year of my life.

Blessings and love to you sweet angel!



Affirmation and visualization

Hello sweet angels!

Today I want to talk to you about two very important practices that I know a lot of us already do, and are so good for you! Affirmation and visualization.  My life would not be the same with out them!

Affirmation.  I would not be who I am today if it were not for affirmation.  I affirmed myself into the person I am today.  I told myself I was a successful angel teacher, a successful published author on the NY Times bestsellers list (which WILL happen!), I told myself that I have love inside of me that can heal the world, and that I can help make the world a better place.  I told myself that I am love, I am happy, I am beautiful and healthy.  I told myself that I am blessed beyond what I could ever imagine, and that when people saw what I was doing with my life they would know that it is with the grace of God that anything is possible and that He has made all things possible.  I affirmed until I had the life of my dreams and I am so grateful and blessed to have.

Visualization.  I know you have heard these before but they are so important and that is why we keep on repeating them.  They are what is truth and spoken to us from the creator to tell you.  So please visualize your dreams and see them true as if they are happening to you now, and living the life you want to live now.  Visualize yourself happy, with the best of friends, co-workers, and family.  See yourself, your family, and your friends healthy and whole.  See the organ healed, see yourself surrounded in God’s white light and loved.  See yourself as beautiful and at your perfect body size.  Visualize yourself with your amazing partner living the perfect life that you have always dreamed of, doing what you love for a living.  See your self going on incredible vacations and traveling to wonderful places around the world.  Visualize what you want to become and you will become it.

Continue affirming and visualizing until you have reached the destination you wish in your life, and even after that continue to see yourself living the life of your new dreams.   Do not give up and allow God to continue to work through you and achieve amazing and marvelous accomplishments.  Watch your life unfold as God, the universe, spirit, your higher self creatively creates the life of your dreams!  Always always remember anything is possible!  I love you, and God bless!



How to have a good day!

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Hello sweet angels!

Life can be hard sometimes., but through the bad times we can find the good.  When our day does turn south it can seem impossible to overcome, but there are ways, and here are a few easy steps:

1.  Smile!  This is the easiest way to make your day better.  When I was a kid and my other siblings and I would get into a fight our mom would make us smile at each other, say I love you, then hug each other.  I’m not saying that you have to do that with your co-workers, but maybe the smiling part would help.  A simple smile at a stranger or co-worker as you pass them on the street or in the office could turn their day around, and when they smile back it automatically makes you feel happier, lighter, and in a better mood.  If you don’t have anyone to smile to, then go in front of the mirror and smile at yourself, and say “I love you.”  The more people you smile at, the more smiles are going to come back to you.  So next time your having a bad day or are feeling depressed, just smile.  🙂

2. Meditate.  When I am having a bad day and am not in a good mood, and can’t seem to do anything to become happy, I meditate.  Meditation is my time to connect with God, and my angels.  It is when I have quiet alone time in meditation and know that God and my angels are right there with my side, and I can just unload my feelings, emotions, why I am feeling so horrible or anything negative that has happened in my day, I feel a world of a difference better.  Connecting with their energy and having my whole body become engulfed in the numbness of God’s pure love and light is healing in a way that no other form of substance on this earth can beat! I feel as if i’m floating sometimes, everything in this world makes sense, and my purpose is clear, and I AM HAPPY!!  When I am done meditating it makes my day feel like it went from black and white to full vibrant colors, and I am just soaked in God’s love and light and I carry it and spread it everywhere I go.  When I am having a bad day my boyfriend will often ask me if I have meditated today, because he knows that a happy girlfriend is one who has meditated!

3. Pray.  I could not say it enough that all prayers are heard and answered in one form or another.  If I am having a bad day pray to God and ask him to take away all of these negative thoughts and feelings and replace them with happy, positive thoughts and emotions.  You are loved so much and have unlimited resources of happiness and love.  Next time you need a lift of your spirit, just pray to God and ask your angels for help.


There are many more ways to become happy, this is just a few ways.  If you pray, meditate, and smile you will find many more ways that work for you, to help you become a happier person, not just on a bad day but for a lifetime.  Always remember to think happy, loving thoughts, and know how much you are loved! I love you all, God bless!