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Calling your power

Jinelle and Amy at their Calling the Power Within event in 2018

Do you find yourself stuck in life in a situation where you want to move out of, move through, heal or overcome? That is your intuition guiding you, telling you what to do. I truly know deep down we know what to do in every situation, or do our best with what we know at the time. What is your intuition telling you that you need to listen to? In your job, in your relationship, in your health? What is it? Write it down! Speak it out loud! You have the power within yourself to create a life you love and a life you deserve. Amy and I teach our class Calling the Power Within (our next class is Friday, March 1st 6pm) where we teach the audience to call their power, call it from deep down within them. We help them realize how great they all are! If you are in need of a change in your life we hope you will attend our class, we have helped so many men and women. You are in deserving life, just take the first step. Love yourself just as you are right now right in this moment. Love is your power, lead your life in love and watch miracles happen!



The source of your hapiness

Hello Angels!

Have you ever wondered where your happiness is coming from? Or do ever wonder where it is if you are missing it?

My happiness is the love within me, and the love I have for myself. The love God has for me and the love I have for God and getting lost in that.  That is my true happiness. God is around us, above us, below us, beside us. God is love, period. And with all of that love around us, that is the root of my happiness. Where is the root of your happiness? Can you find it again?

When we are unhappy or upset or lost within our lives that is our separation from God. We have forgotten where we come from and who we are and the love that is available to us.  We can find that love and happiness again through meditation, affirmations and surrounding our self with others that are like minded people of love. Talk and pray to God and listen! Surround yourself with people who you want to be like who are amazing, hopeful, positive, loving, successful and happy.  Doing these things will bring you your happiness and love back into your life and back into your relationships.

Wishing you all the happiness that you deserve!

XO Jinelle

The Meaning of Zoey

Hello Angels!

If you didn’t know by now we adopted the sweetest dog in the world in October 2016 from Safe Hands rescue in Minneapolis. She is from Kentucky and is a beautiful mix of breeds with the most beautiful colors of white with brindle spots weighing in at 40lbs.

Yesterday I was meditating and our sweet Zoey was sleeping next to me.  At the end of the meditation I decided to call in Zoey’s angels and talk to them. Immediately two dogs came to me a boy and a girl, her brother and sister. They told me that they had been murdered and that is why she has some issues with holding her. Then they said to look up the meaning of the name Zoey. I immediately did after I was done meditating.

The meaning of the name Zoey is: Life.

They also said her name was always meant to be Zoey in this life. We had changed her name from when we adopted her as a baby.

I love her so much more than I ever have! Love your animals, you never know what they have been through!

XO Jinelle


The Archangel that can help your life right now

Hello Angels!

There are many archangels that can help your beautiful life when it is falling down.  Although sometimes it can be hard to see the light in the heat of our problems or bad days. When we go into lower thinking it separates us from God, which is our vital life source. Staying connected to God will help you through your problems.  There is one Archangel that can help your mind right now!

The Archangel Jophiel will help make your thoughts and your life beautiful. So next time you feel down call upon Archangel Jophiel and she will help make your life beautiful, and your thoughts beautiful.  About a minute or so after I call upon Archangel Jophiel I notice I feel happier and my overall mood and thoughts improve.

I hope that helps you earth angels! Have a beautiful day!

Love and blessings,


If you feel like you are nothing you are wrong

Hello Angels!

You are of GREAT value.  You have something to give to the world. Your gifts and talents were given to you so you could shine in this world, not to hide.  We are all a piece of the puzzle of this world.

If you think, “I want to shine” YOU WILL SHINE!

You are the one this world has been waiting for, you are the one this world needs.

Have respect for yourself, and have respect for your gifts. You were given your gifts for a reason and no one can offer what you have. You are special.  The world will see how much beauty you hold within, and when you have beauty within, it will shine without.

So my friends…

Follow your magnificence and BOLDY GO FORWARD!




Simple Ways to Live a Happy Life

Happiness can start right now.  It won’t come  when you get your dream house or brand new car or new job. It is most often the simplest things in life that bring true happiness.  It needs to start with you, right here, right now.  And here are some simple tips that can help.

1.  Be Grateful. Think of all of the things you are thankful for right now, and you will realize how blessed you are.  By appreciating what you already have in life it will help you feel happier.

2. Smile more. Smiling automatically makes you happier internally.  When you smile see how it affects the people surrounding you.  Even if you have to force a smile when you do not want to, it will make you feel better. Overall smiling makes you happy, which makes your world happy.

3. Do something you love. What is one of your true passions? Is it writing poetry or playing tennis or playing with your children? Whatever it is make time to do it in your day.  If your doing something you love it will bring you joy, which is true happiness.

4. Think positive! Put those negative thoughts in the dumpster! If you catch yourself thinking negatively quickly correct your mind and you can even think or say out loud “cancel, cancel!” to cancel your negative thoughts or spoken words.  Then simply think positive and when you are thinking positive, you will start to see your whole world turn positive.

5. Love yourself.  This is by far the most important one! If you don’t love yourself, then it will be almost impossible for anyone to love you and you to love anyone.  Self-love is the most important value to have in life.  If you are having trouble with this simply start right now by thinking “I love myself!” Then when you look in the mirror next say “hello beautiful, I love you.” It may seem funny or weird at first but soon you will love to do it and find yourself falling in love with yourself and you will see your world improving and you will be so happy!

6. Meditate. Start today, don’t delay! Meditation has been proven to find happiness, uplift your spirit, and improve your health. If you don’t know how to meditate, it is very simple and I have many free meditations and classes on my website and on my YouTube page Meditation is my key to a balanced life and it keeps my heart full which makes it easy to be happy! If you would like a class and would like to go to the next level of happiness please get my meditation “You are loved.”  It will bring you happiness and purpose in life. To purchase and become happier click here It will be worth it because your life is worth it.

Life is short, do what you love and be happy! I hope these helped you.  I send you my prayers and blessings and may you find happiness wherever you are and what ever situation you are dealing with.

Blessings and love to you,


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” -Steve Jobs

How to talk to your Loved one in Heaven…and hear them

Hello angel friends!

I know a lot of you have a loved one in heaven, and as you know my beautiful mom is in Heaven.

The pain of losing someone close to you is hard to deal with, and the hole in your heart seems to grow more than close and heal.  My mom has been in Heaven for almost 9 months now.  We had a bond here on earth that was unbreakable.  She was my best friend and I miss her so much.  She was very sick, and she went slowly so on a positive note we were able to talk about heaven and Jesus and God and angels.  We also made a pact.  I would talk to her every day and she would tell me all about Heaven, and how she got there and what it looked like.  I talk to her every day, and I know she is with me when I talk to her, and I know she can hear me.  In fact, I know she is here with me as I write this.

As I talk with her every day I know she hears me, and sometimes I hear her back.  Its a voice inside of me that I know is her talking, or sometimes I will receive a sign from her, or she will be in my dream. I ask to see her in my dreams almost every day and once in a while I get lucky and see her in them.  Loved ones really do come visit us in our dreams and give us messages, and love.

So how do you talk with and hear your loved one in Heaven? Its simple.

  • Talk to them as if they are right next to you.
  • Ask them to be in your dreams. And if they don’t come at first, ask them until you see them, every day if you have to.
  • God and your angels can give them messages.  If you are scared to talk to them, ask God and/or your angels to deliver a message to them, and they will get it!
  • Have faith that this is real.  Heaven is real, and talking with your loved one is real.
  • Be open to hearing them.  The more you practice, the better you become.
  • Watch for signs from them.  They might leave you pennies or feathers, but something will pop up and you will know it is from them.
  • Keep bugging them until you receive a sign.

I hope these help.  I know any little sign I receive is the greatest thing in the world.  May God bless you and heal you. Keeping you all in my prayers and sending you love. God bless you friends.



Do you believe in past lives?

Hi Friends!

I know a lot of you wonder if you have lived a life before this one? Let me start with a story of about 4 years ago when I woke up in Egypt…

My sister Amy and I traveled to Cairo.  It was a place that had always fascinated us, i’m sure it does many of you also.  It was the morning we were going to see the pyramids and we were so excited.  As I was waking up that morning I was very relaxed and sleepy, laying down still and I heard a voice say in my ear “the last time you were here was one-thousand years ago.” I immediately told my sister.  I had always believed in reincarnation, but hearing this voice so clearly tell me that I had been here before made it clear to me that what I had believed was real.

I believe we grow, learn and evolve in our lifetimes.  I believe that if we don’t get it “right” that God gives us another chance.  Our next life or our past life may be or have been a different circumstance, different family, different race, different religion, and different lifestyle, etc.  I have been told before that I volunteered to come into this life.  As life goes on and I grow and evolve I do believe that.   I have always felt like an “old soul.”

Whether you believe that reincarnation is real or not or feel  you have lived many lives, I would love to hear if you have had an experience or what your thoughts are in the comments below.

Love and blessings,


How to say a prayer of protection before you meditate

Hi friends!

I have been meditating for a decade now and lately I have been hearing a lot of people interested in meditating.  Meditation is life changing and can literally change your brain, and your day.  The difference is day and night between those that meditate and those that don’t.  Once you start you will see the difference, and for those of you who do meditate, you absolutely know what I am talking about.

From the people who wish to begin to meditate one question I get from them is “what do I say before I start?” Or, “do I have to say a prayer of protection?” The answer is yes!  Always say a prayer before you start meditating.  Say a prayer asking God to protect you and ask only for the highest good, also this is the time to ask your guardian angels in, any archangels you wish to invite such as archangel Micheal.  I always ask my mom to be with me, Jesus, along with my guardian angels and archangels. And I always visualize a bright white light bubble surrounding me.

Here is an example of a prayer of invocation and protection to say before you meditate:

“Dear God,

Thank you for being here with me at this time, and surrounding me with your white healing light, love and protection.  Thank you angels for being here with me and surrounding me with your love, healing and protection.  Thank you Jesus for being here with me at this time.  Thank you mom for stepping through the veil and being here with me at this time.  I keep an open mind, an open heart, and an open soul to receive your love, guidance and healing. Amen.”

To learn how to meditate please watch this video:

You can ask for as much protection as you want if you feel like that is not enough.  God will always answer your prayers, and send you extra angels for protection if you ask.  I hope this will help you as you continue meditating or begin your journey.

May God always bless you, guide you and protect you.



Inspiration with Jinelle Anlea: Finding happiness this Thanksgiving (after the loss of a loved one).


Thanksgiving is a holiday to be grateful, filled with love, warmth, and lots of delicious food!  Yes it is fun to gather around with family and friends, but for those who have lost a loved one, it can be a difficult time.   As many of you know our beautiful mom went to heaven on September 1st, so this will be our first holiday without her.  We miss her, but absolutely know that she is here with us, and for those that have lost a loved one, please know that they will be with you this Thanksgiving.   It is in the small moments where we find love and happiness, a smile or happy memory.  We must choose to be happy, to go on, and know that our loved ones are so happy in heaven! But also, know that it is ok to feel sadness, and it is ok to miss them.  I will always miss my beautiful mom.  Enjoy this special holiday.  Please listen to my free podcast above, I hope it brings you peace this Thanksgiving. I talk about my life, my mom, and having Thanksgiving without her, and give you some tips that will help you get through.  May God bless you and your loved ones.  Happy Thanksgiving.