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Never Worry That You Are Bugging Your Angels

God sent us Angels to help us in our lifetime here on earth.  They help deliver messages from God of peace, love and joy. They can also protect us.  The Angels are omnipresent which means they are unlimited and can help you as much as you want and they won’t get tired and be in many places at once.

You can ask for their help as many times as you want! There is nothing to big or to small to ask for their help.  I have asked for their help driving in snow storms and have also asked them to help me fall asleep.  Any situation you want help with from relationships, finding your soulmate, healing from grief and pain, nothing is off limits.

When my mom was living here on earth and was very sick I was driving in my car and was talking to Archangel Raphael, the healing angel.  I was asking him to heal my mom and help our family with healing.  I never have any doubt that they can hear me. I had to stop at the grocery store on my drive and when I got to the check out lane the cashier’s name was Raphael! I loved receiving that message and validation from Archangel Raphael that he did indeed hear my request for healing and was helping.


Next time you need help with something please don’t think twice in asking your angels for help! I hope this helps you and you find confidence to ask for help!

Sending all of you love and blessings!XO