Manifesting Our Dream Home

Today we have been in our beautiful new home for almost 3 months. We sold our beautiful small 1100 sq ft home in St. Louis Park, MN and moved into our dream home that is 3300 sq ft. in the small town of Elysian, MN. We went from city living to small town living and it is everything I have ever dreamed of. We have been praying for this home for years leading up to our move and I have visualized it and dreamed about it. I have dreamed living in our beautiful home with my amazing husband and lots of land for our 2 dogs to run and frolic as far as they can run. We knew it was time to move so we took a leap of faith into the unknown before we even had a plan. God told us it was time so we listened. The day we moved in it was raining and cleansing away all of the old so that we could move into the new.

We live in this universe as one with all of creation. What we ask for we receive. The universe listens to our thoughts, to our prayers to our words. It watches us grow and see’s how we respond to life and how we react to what happens around us. We must grow and evolve and become better than we were yesterday.

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