Are You Spiritually Content?

When it comes to your spirituality do you know your truth? Do you know who you are and where you come from? Do you feel content with your spirituality? Or do you want to learn more?

A lot of my clients have trouble with their spiritual identity. They feel stuck in the world of their old beliefs and wanting to dive deeper into their Spiritual path. I tell them to follow their heart and let their heart guide them. Our heart has a brain and in this heart brain scientists have done studies where they believe that this is where the soul enters and exits the body. And this heart brain is the one place on the heart where surgeons can not touch. It is a sacred and holy place in your body.

I guide my clients to think and be led with their heart. Leading with your heart takes fear away, takes indecisiveness away and takes negativity away. Lead with Love and watch your Spirituality, your truth, your wisdom and your self love and self awareness blossom.

This is a tough year that we are going through and it is important to stay mentally, emotionally and physically strong and always be in your truth so when someone is trying to make you forget who you are you have the right to say “This is ME, and I am not going anywhere and no one can take away my truth.”

Be strong and grow in your spirituality on this journey in life. No one can take those quiet sacred moments from us that are so important to survive in this world. Be still, go within and find your truth.



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