Angel Readings

Special Note:

Hello beautiful angel! I am back doing Angel Readings! Your angels are around you right now and they always have beautiful, healing messages to tell you. To book an angel reading please Click Here.

Angel Reading

Do you have burning questions to ask your angels and guides? Would like to connect with a loved one? Or are you curious if your guides and angels have any messages for you? In my one on one sessions we talk to Spirit as I call in your angels, guides and loved ones. Healing messages come through from Spirit that help you heal in the most beautiful ways, helping with grief and struggles with life.

I have connected with Spirit, my angels and the other side ever since I was a little girl, and now I use my gifts to help others! After I was hit by a train and had a near death experience, I knew that I was meant to help others!

I would love to help you and connect to Spirit and see what messages come through for you!

All sessions are on Zoom or in person in the greater Mankato Area.

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 “Jinelle thank you SO much for the amazing angel reading today. It was truly a life changing experience. It means so much to me and my sister both and we can’t wait to share it with our family. You are so amazing!” -Tiffany

“You’re so amazing, Thank you SO much! We finally feel like we have some closure since our Grandma passed away. We’ve been reflecting on our session all day and definitely will for the rest of our lives and we’re just so grateful to have been able to experience that.” -Tianna

Guided Meditation Sessions

If you are looking to learn to meditate or go deeper in your meditation practice I would love to help you. I have been doing meditation for 15 years and it is one of my greatest passions to guide others in their meditation journey.

1:1 Meditation sessions available to help with finding your purpose, connecting with your angels, connecting with loved ones, finding peace, releasing fears and anxiety, and much more. I also do past life meditations that help you remember past lives that can be relevant in your healing in this lifetime.

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching is for those that are serious about growing on their spiritual path and journey, finding their purpose and doing meaningful work on this planet. Breakthrough limitations and old beliefs and become the person you know you are meant to be in this life!

I would love to help guide you on your spiritual journey and help you awaken to all that you authentically are!

Other Services for groups:

I would love to guide a meditation for your team, your business or group. Please email me to learn more!

I love to inspire people with my stories to help motivate and bring them together! As Amy and I put on our events that reach hundreds of women (and men!) we love to watch how our speaking impacts them beyond just the event or speaking engagement they attend.

I would love to work with you!

Some topics for Speaking include:

Being Powerfully positive in everything that you do

How to overcome anything

Motivational and inspirational talks

How to love yourself more than ever

How to call back your power

Getting over self-sabatoge and negative self talk

How to heal after loss of a loved one (especially mothers)

Guided meditations for your group, employee’s, parties, etc.

I would love to speak alone or with my sister, Amy Oberle who I do most events with! We are great together and can get a crowd motivated and feel lovingly encouraged!

To inquire more information please email me at