About Jinelle

Jinelle has had a profound connection with Spirit her entire life!

She connected with her angels since she was a young child, then throughout her life she developed a great relationship with her angels and spirit.  It was not until after a “near death experience” where she was hit by a train and lived, that she grew a great connection and a deeper relationship with God, Spirit and her heavenly guardian angels. It transformed her and she knew she was sent back to earth because she “has work to do” as her angels told her. 

Jinelle started helping others in 2009 after her near death experience. She is a Spiritual coach, meditation teacher, inspirational speaker and has gifts of psychic and mediumship, which means she is able to connect with loved ones on the other side, your angels, and guides and receive messages to help you heal, grow and transform.

Today Jinelle teaches classes virtually and offers courses online to help others connect with their angels, Spirit, and live empowered lives.

Her story has been featured on Country Music Television’s series Angels Among Us, click here http://www.cmt.com/videos/angels-among-us-103/1671675/playlist.jhtml#id=1671675 to watch the full episode.  Her story is published in Doctor Doreen Virtues book  Saved by an Angel: True Accounts of People Who Have Had Extraordinary Experiences with Angels…and How YOU Can Too!

Jinelle currently resides in southern Minnesota living on a beautiful lake property that she worked in manifesting and creating with her Husband and love of her life, Justin and her two sweet angel dogs, Zoey Hart and Zeek Bear.